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We are a family company, formally 3 Jones Interests, LLC, we’ve changed our name to incorporate our growing family, but the values stayed the same. We are dedicated to the carrier with experience in the trucking industry. We seek to create a consistent work schedule that fits every carrier’s unique personal and professional goals. We also strive to create consistent and steady pay for our carriers by giving them the information they need to be successful and knowledgeable in their trucking needs. We are more than just dispatching, we are the trucking company that sees your success as our success and we invest in our carriers. Tell us your goals and we will link up with you to make them happen!

Rather you work with us or not, we want you to be informed. Please call with any questions you may have at 832-900-3147 or see additional information that will help you in getting paid, getting loads, and growing your Trucking Company. Yes, we know you can use this information and not partner with us, but we want you to win! We want your business to be successful, by any means necessary.

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